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Welcome to Drama



The Drama faculty provides a diverse range of conceptual programs that engage students in the performance skills and critical reflection for this subject. 
Drama includes the study of: 

Stage 4 

In stage 4 Drama students explore improvisation skills through the Elements of Drama and a range of Theatresports games. Students have the opportunity to perform scripted and unscripted Drama through the study of Shakespeare  and devised group performances. 
Stage 5 
In Stage 5 Drama students explore and experiment with forms, styles and range of dramatic techniques . In term 1, Year 10 focus on creating infomercials using the Elements of Drama. Later in the year students will experiment with Shakespearean monologues  and iconic Australian plays to create a performance portfolio to support their skills and knowledge in preparation for the HSC requirements. 
Stage 6 
In Stage 6, students experience through practical and theoretical work modern theatrical practitioners, individual projects and performances, Australian Theatre and a range of Stage 6 plays. Students work both individually and collaboratively through these units. They have the opportunity to perform in a range of performances and audiences in preparation for their external examinations. 


Isabel Coleman- Drama 8- 12 

Amy Ingram - Drama 8-12 



Stage 4 - Year 8 Drama
Stage 5 - Year 10 Elective 
Stage 6 - Year 11/12- HSC Drama