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Big Picture Academy

What is Big Picture?

Through the Big Picture design students develop skills to become confident, independent, self-directed learners. 

In the Big Picture Academy, learning occurs in Advisories facilitated by Advisors who have participated in an immersive training program provided by Big Picture Education Australia.

These advisories have a 17:1 student to teacher ratio to facilitate the Big Picture learning design and support individualised instruction. Students work with their advisor to develop an individual Learning Plan which is shared with parents/carers to facilitate regular communication between Advisor, student and parents/carers.

Success is celebrated at the end of each term with each student individually presenting their work at an exhibition. Students are encouraged to invite, parents/carers, mentors, and peers to join in this celebration of success.

The Big Picture educational philosophy has a natural connection with the MHS school vision to provide pathways for engagement in learning to ensure successful proactive citizens within the community. 

To find out more about Big Picture at Morisset visit the MHS Big Picture Academy Video Gallery.

What is the MHS Big Picture Academy Difference?

Big Picture is an innovative curriculum structure that develops student knowledge based on personalised, passion-based learning. This helps prepare our young adults for a successful future beyond the classroom. Every student is unique, with particular interests, needs and capabilities. These characteristics are embraced and developed through project-based learning at Morisset High School's Big Picture Academy.   

Morisset High School's Big Picture Academy began with the first intake of students in 2017. It began with two classes and has since grown to four Advisory classes in 2024. There are plans to further develop into five Advisory classes.

In 2024, there are five Big Picture Advisory teachers led by Head Teacher, Mr Tim Post, Ms Sherin Boogaard who was one of the founders of Big Picture at MHS, Mr Nicky Tamlyn, Ms Amelia Willcox and Mr Shane McElevey.  Together these staff have a wealth of knowledge of how to apply The Big Picture Design to support students learning needs. Big Picture is a holistic approach to learning where each staff member truly gets to know their students and develop positive relationships with them and the students’ families.

Another key aspect of the Big Picture learning design is access to technology. Students in the Big Picture Academy are required to bring their own devices to ensure students have access to a wide variety of information for their projects. Advisors assist in the development of digital literacy skills to ensure that students are prepared for their future as 21st-century citizens.

Students in Years 9-12 participate in internships which provide the opportunity for real-world experiences where students are mentored by professionals in their area of interest. Through the process of Learning Through Internship (LTI) students develop the skills to transition from school into the workforce or further education such as university or TAFE.

If you would like more information about Morisset High School’s Big Picture Program please contact Mr Tim Post on (02)  4973 1999 or via email

Big Picture Exhibitions - A new way to assess student learning

Want to learn more about the different ways that the MHS Big Picture Academy assesses the learning of Big Picture students? Watch the video below to learn more about how Big Picture Learning Australia students prepare to present their Exhibition, to showcase what they have learned each semester.

A Change In Learning 

Find out more about the Big Picture story and the growth of this dynamic learning design in NSW education. 

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