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PDHPE Electives


PDHPE Electives

The elective subjects delivered by the PDHPE Staff at Morisset High School provide students with many fun and enjoyable opportunities aimed at developing resilience and self-esteem, as well as improving social and emotional wellbeing. These initiatives promote physical activity and develop competency in movement skills. They provide opportunities for students to develop, adapt and improvise their movement skills in a wide variety of challenging contexts and environments that appeal to their needs and interests, enhance enjoyment and excitement in their lives, and ultimately increase the likelihood of lifelong physical activity.


Sports Coaching

Students learn about the qualities of effective coaching; coaching roles and responsibilities; ethical coaching; coaching opportunities and qualifications; as well as the rules and strategies of various sports.


Sports Science

Students study the structure, function and interrelationships of the body systems that allow us to produce movement and participate in physical activities.  Other topics include energy systems and how our body utilises food for performance. Students also explore the importance of hydration and the effect supplements have on performance.


Outdoor Recreation

Students are given the opportunity to participate in and learn about a variety of outdoor recreation activities, including orienteering, archery, slack lining, adventure racing and surfing.  Students develop an appreciation for the outdoors and understand the benefits of participating in various activities that aren't classified as mainstream.



This course has a large practical component where students a provided with the opportunity to explore the definition of fitness and it's various components. Students will learn about the relationship between fitness and performance and how fitness can be improved and measured.



This elective takes a holistic approach to identifying what makes someone happy and all the factors that can improve a person's wellbeing. Wellbeing discusses issues that affect students during their adolescence and the strategies that can be used to improve their health and resilience. Wellbeing has a large practical component that explores ways to reduce stress whilst building self-confidence through exercise and other physical activities.



Dance involves the development of physical skill as well as aesthetic, artistic and cultural understanding. Learning in dance and learning through dance enables students to apply their own experiences to their study of dance. They learn to express ideas creatively as they make and perform dances, and analyse dance as works of art.


Morisset High is one of the few schools who have implemented a fully inclusive strength and conditioning CrossFit program available to students. This is a holistic program linking theoretical and practical application which aims to provide students with unique opportunities to be physically active in relevant ways. Our CrossFit program covers fundamental skills used in day to day life focusing on fitness which students can carry on after they complete their schooling. Our emphasis within this program is learning how to move safely in a fun and supportive environment whilst increasing strength, cardiovascular capacity, power and mobility to name a few.

The evidence is overwhelming that we as a society are not moving enough and consequently have developed poor routines and habits. CrossFit Morisset High aims to change this to educate students on the benefits of being active and highlight how fun and supportive fitness can be. By participating in this program, your child will be contributing in meeting the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines in a variety of ways in both a moderate and vigorous capacity.

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