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ADRA Op Shop MHS University Scholarships

The Morisset ADRA Op Shop Morisset High School Scholarship encourages Year 12 students and former students of Morisset High School to enter and complete their tertiary education.

The Scholarship has been funded by the generous support of the Morisset ADRA Op Shop since 2019 and has supported many past Morisset High School students to continue their learning and skills development journey at our local universities - the University of Newcastle and Avondale University. 

Please see below for more information about the scholarships, and click on the link below to access the applications for the scholarships at both universities. 


The ADRA Morisset High School Scholarship is worth $2,100 per student. The successful applicant receives $1,050 each semester in their first year of a diploma or undergraduate program. The scholarship is to be applied to the recipient's tuition costs. The money for the scholarship comes from the Morisset ADRA Op Shop, which donates its proceeds for the benefit of the local community.


The ADRA Morisset High School Scholarship is available to six (6) students who complete Year 12 at Morisset  High School and who demonstrate the most need for the scholarship.


Recipients of the ADRA Morisset High School Scholarship must:

Meet normal requirements for direct admission as full-time students into a diploma or undergraduate degree course at the University of Newcastle (UON) or Avondale University;

Complete the ADRA Morisset High School School Application Form, and; Complete an interview with the ADRA Morisset High School panel.


Applicants submit the ADRA Morisset High School Scholarship Application Form to the Administration Office of Morisset High School by the published deadline. A panel consisting of the Morisset High School principal or their

nominee, and a Morisset ADRA Op Shop Local Management Committee member will choose the recipients. The administration of the scholarship will be managed by ADRA Morisset Op Shop. For students enrolled at UON the scholarship will be paid to the student as a reimbursement of tuition costs on proof of such expenditure in the form of receipts or invoices.


Applicants for the ADRA Morisset High School Scholarship must:

1.  Demonstrate a need for the scholarship, and;

2.  Demonstrate significant contribution to the school, community or family.

Recipients of the ADRA Morisset High School Scholarship must:

1.  Maintain a study load of at least four units per semester unless they can evidence extenuating circumstances;

2.  Maintain an academic status of good standing;

3.  Maintain a good standing in the community (scholarships or part thereof may be revoked at the discretion of the Morisset ADRA Op Shop Local Management Committee, where the recipient acts in a way that is against community standards; and

4.  Agree to participate in activities that connect them to the donor.

Recipients of the ADRA Morisset High School Scholarship cannot:

1.  Redeem the scholarship for cash, and;

2.  Transfer or defer the scholarship.


Morisset High School Community Liasion Officer

Phone: (02) 4973 1999 or Email:


Applications are invited from former Morisset High School students who have commenced further study at the University of Newcastle, or Avondale University in 2023. 

Applications close on Friday, April 28.

All applications must be submitted to Morisset High School, through the school administration in Bridge Street, or via email to

2023 Morisset ADRA Scholarship - University of Newcastle

2023 Morisset ADRA Scholarship - Avondale University