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Religion and ethics

NSW public schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics, delivered by approved providers wherever available.

SRE at Morisset High School

Special Religious Education (SRE): Combined Christian SRE

Morisset High School, Christian SRE is provided by an SRE teacher employed by different Christian denominations and churches. The approved providers in this combined arrangement are named in the following statement by the providers, Southlake's Christian Education.

That means students of different religious persuasions are taught in a combined lesson. The combined churches support the provision of the following curriculum.

In the attached information you can see the local churches involved and the authorized providers. Together, they agree to present the authorized curriculum which can be accessed at the following link.

Authorised curriculum

Think Faith

Authorised by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, the Baptist Union of NSW, Uniting Church in Australia NSW Synod, and Australian Christian Churches. Think Faith is the most widely used SRE curriculum in NSW secondary schools.

In our school, Special Religious Education is offered to students in Years 7-10. Those students who have chosen to be involved can each term take part in a day of activities and events organised by the SRE coordinator. 

As per policy, Teachers of the SRE are employed and screened by the provider.


If you have any concerns over how SRE is being run, or issues that may arise in the classroom and or with the instruction being provided I suggest you use the usual complaints handling processes to be found at :