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Motown Meals - Morisset High School Canteen

Providing healthy, tasty and good value food for the students and staff of Morisset High School is the aim of the Morisset High School Canteen.

Organised and operated by the Morisset High School Parents and Citizens Association, the Canteen would not operate without the support of a team of committed volunteers. All profits from the Canteen help fund school initiatives supported by the P&C and are used to enhance the learning experience of our students. 

An online ordering system is now available to make it easier for parents and students to order food and drinks for lunch and recess. The online ordering system is secure and easy-to-use. 

To make an order online visit

Follow the steps below to place your order. 

How to place a canteen order online

Volunteers at the Morisset High School Canteen

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” Sherry Anderson (Author).

The MHS P&C operates the School Canteen. We have a paid manager but otherwise rely on volunteers to keep costs down and make a profit for the P&C to donate to school initiatives/equipment.

Advantages of Volunteering in the MHS P&C Canteen:

·         See your student interacting with their peers during the school-day

·         Meet some of your student’s friends and teachers

·         Feel that you are a part of the school community

·         Gain familiarity with the school layout

·         Gain skills in food preparation (and customer service if you chose)

Volunteering in the Morisset High School P&C Canteen:

Who can volunteer in the Morisset High School Canteen?

Any member of the community can volunteer in the canteen. You don’t have to be the parent of a student - grandparents, carers and other relatives are also welcome.

What sort of time commitment would I have to make?

There is no minimum time commitment. The canteen operates between approximately from 8 am to 2.30 pm Monday to Friday. 

Volunteers are especially welcome in the early part of the day, before recess (about 11 am). Any time that you have, whether it is 2 hours fortnightly, or a full day every week, we would welcome you.

What sort of tasks would I be undertaking?

Food preparation (sandwiches, fruit salads, jellies, hot foods), stocking the drinks fridge, stocking the ice-cream freezers, putting away supplies delivered.

Would I have to perform counter service?

No. There is no obligation to serve the students at recess and lunch times. You are welcome to serve at the counter if you wish to, but the Canteen Manager has some trusted senior students who help out at break times.

How do I sign up to volunteer in the canteen?

Ring Rebecca (Canteen Manager) on mob 0434 688 073 to arrange what times you would like to volunteer.  If you would like to ask any questions about volunteering in the canteen, ring Rebecca (number above) or Josy (Canteen Volunteer) on mob 0408 502 127.

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