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Head Teachers

Head Teachers at Morisset High School

Our Head Teachers are responsible for the teams of teachers who support the learning journey of our students across a range of core subjects and disciplines. 

If you have any concerns or questions about your child's learning, please contact their classroom teacher or Year Advisor. Our Head Teachers have high expectations of our students and their teams and will work with our students, families and teachers to support our students to strive for success and achieve their learning goals. 

David Mason - Math Head Teacher

Ali Peacock - Head Teacher Science 

Peter Tosen - PDHPE Head Teacher

Lloy Dekker - Head Teacher TAS and Art

Joanne Crawford - Head Teacher Secondary Studies

Jasmine Kemp - Head Teacher of Contemporary Learning 

Jacqueline White - Head Teacher of Morisset High School Big Picture Academy 

Emma Holdom - English Head Teacher

Ruth Middleton - HSIE Head Teacher

 Rebecca Ballantyne - Head Teacher PDHPE 

Tim Diehm - Support Head Teacher

Sharon Bryde - Head Teacher Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Kristy Hayes - Head Teacher of Wellbeing 

Allison Watson - Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts 

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