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Expectations for Arriving At and Leaving School

Respect, responsibility, and safety are cornerstones of student expectations at Morisset High School.

The safety of our students is paramount. When students follow expectations, their families and the school know that they are safe.

When students leave home for school, families and the school expect that they will be responsible, and make positive choices.

The table above has been provided to students and families, to detail student expectations for Safe, Responsible, Respectful, Engaged, and positive behaviour when travelling to and from school and home.  

Click here for information on NSW Transport rules for bike riders.

Arriving and leaving by buses and public transport

Students and families are reminded that when using school buses and public transport with an Opal Student card (School Travel Pass), students agree to follow the rules and expectations of NSW Transport and Hunter Buses. Students can lose access to using school buses and public transport, and free access to transport if they fail to meet these expectations. These expectations are detailed in the NSW Transports Student Code of Conduct. 

Click here for the NSW Transport Student Code of Conduct

Click here to apply for a School Travel Pass

Arriving by bike, scooter, or walking to school

Ensuring students arrive at school and home safely is our priority. Students are reminded to follow the road rules when riding their bikes and scooters to and from school. 

When riding bikes or scooters, and walking to school, students should give way to traffic, and use pedestrian crossings and light-controlled pedestrian crossings when crossing the road when available. Pedestrian crossings near the school are located on the corner of Newcastle and Bridge Street, Morisset. 

There is a stand outside our school office, in Quad 1 for students to leave their bikes and scooters. 

Drop-offs and pick-ups at MHS

Please see below information on rules and restrictions when dropping off and picking up students at Morisset High School. 

A bus zone runs along most of the front of our school on Bridge Street. Parking regulations restrict students from being dropped off or picked up in school bus zones. See the images below for more information. 

Bus Zones

You must not stop in the direction of the arrow or arrows on the sign, unless you’re driving a public bus.

Some bus zones have times shown. You can stop or park your vehicle outside those times.

For more information about NSW parking regulations click here.

Behaviour Expectations When Visiting Morisset Shops

At Morisset High School we pride ourselves on strong community and business partnerships, which benefit our students with opportunities and support for their learning. 


  • All students should head DIRECTLY ONTO THE SCHOOL GROUNDS, and NOT LEAVE the school grounds to visit the shops or stop at the shops on the way to school.
  • Students who are seen heading towards the shopping centre after arriving at school will be told to turn around and enter the school grounds.
  • There is no reason why any student should be at the shops before, or during school unless they have permission from their parents or carers. Families provide lunch and snacks for students. Our school has a canteen and The Hub can provide food for students who have not brought food from home.
  •  If a student leaves the school grounds without permission, they will be marked as truant and we will follow our attendance procedures.

Our school is working with local businesses to ensure MHS students act responsibly and respectfully when in the local shopping centre and businesses. 

Our students will be reminded of these expectations and our teachers and Senior Executive will contact families is a student fail to meet these expectations.

Please see below the Morisset Square Centre rules, supplied by site operators, Charter Hall.