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Year 12 Revision Resources

Supporting our Year 12 students to prepare for HSC success

Helping our senior students to build the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their HSC, is a priority for our teachers and staff at Morisset High School. 

Our school has invested and created specialised resources to support their learning and the development of vital study skills to empower them to achieve their HSC and learning goals.

Study Bites - Tips and Tools for MHS HSC students   

Created by our teachers for our study, the MHS Study Bites resources are great tools to support our Year 12 students are they prepare for their HSC.

Supporting student wellbeing is vital to the success of students in their HSC, a period in a student's learning journey that can be stressful and overwhelming without tools and skills, that help build their confidence in their learning and resilience to better manage the high level of demand of their time and personal capacity.

The learning suite not only provides useful tips on how to revise work, prepare for exams, unpack and understand how to respond to exam questions, as well as develop our student's understanding of what stress is, how to manage it, and how self-care is essential to achieve the best outcomes from their HSC journey.   

To explore the different Study Bites packages click on the links and watch the videos below. 

Click on the Morisset High School Link Tree for access to more useful online resources for study, HSC preparation and protocols, and life and study options after leaving school. 

Study Bites 1 - Study Tips for HSC Students 

Study Bites 5 - Creating a Study Plan

Below is some extremely useful information on the importance of creating a study plan, a sample plan and a template for students to create their own study plan. 

Study Bites 5 - Creating a Study Plan

Study Planner Example

Create Your Own Study Planner

Stay Healthy HSC 

The Department of Education has created an easy to use website with lots of resources to support the wellbeing of HSC students.

To find out more click here

NSW Education Standards Authority

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is the organisation that oversees and regulates the HSC. 

The NESA website is an important resource for students and families supporting HSC students, providing information about the HSC structure and processes, minimum standards for students to attempt their HSC, important dates, the HSC exam timetable, past papers, and learning resources including a glossary of terms used in HSC written exams.  

Click on the link to access the NESA website.