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Music is the heart of Nikisha's Big Picture Journey

By Sara Warren-Turnbull

Nikisha is currently a Year 12 student, studying to become a professional singer. She has been singing for 11 years and has been learning guitar for two years.

Whilst being in Big Picture she has co-produced and released her debut single “Where we were” and single “Voices in my head” with Hill Billy Hut studios in Cooranbong.

Nikisha has been to Tamworth for the Country Music Festival twice and has been to Starstruck as a singer for the main song and will be back at Starstruck this year as a featured artist. She works around the Newcastle area playing gigs.

Whilst being in Big Picture, Nikisha has had the opportunity to work more on her passion for music. She has focused her learning primarily on music and her music course grade 1-5 in music theory. She has studied the respiratory system in relation to healthy singing, and has started teaching singing lessons this year. As part of her Social Action Plan/Project, she will sing “We Are Australian” at the Harmony Day celebration for Big Picture.

As Nikisha is in Year 12 she has to complete an Autobiography on what has made her who she is today. Nikisha needs to complete a Senior Project, and for the Senior Project she has decided to investigate “What are the ramifications of poor vocal health as a professional singer and songwriter?” Within this project, she will be looking into the anatomy of the voice, the SVT straw, vocal health and what helps and harms the voice.

An important thing about Big Picture is that the learning methods benefit the student. In Big Picture students focus on real-world issues, global citizenship, and learning skills that are required for life. In Big Picture it is a lot easier to open up to people and ask for advice on your work, you’re able to build relationships with your teachers and not go from one teacher to the next, as the teacher you start off with is the teacher, you have throughout your schooling.

If you would like to know more or hear some of Nikisha's work, please click on the following link: