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Career Education at Morisset High School

Helping our students find their pathway to learning, trades, or work after  school  

At Morisset High School we want all of our students to be prepared for the exciting and ever-changing world beyond school and be successful in the workplaces of the future.

This is clearly defined in our School Vision, which states-  

"At Morisset High School, we strive to provide the foundations to develop self-directed, empowered, and inquisitive individuals. 

"As an integral part of our wider community, we create a learning culture that supports our students to build resilience, the skills to learn, and a determination to pursue their passions."

Careers Education from Year 7 to Year 12

Our highly experienced Careers Staff have developed Career Education Strategies that support and provide opportunities for students from Years 7 to 12.  The basic philosophy is threefold: 

  1. To help the students develop their knowledge and understanding of learning paths relevant to the workplace opportunities they wish to pursue. 
  2. To assist students to gain qualifications, skills, knowledge, and understandings that will help them to be employable, future-proof, confident, and resilient. 
  3. To support students to experience workplace learning opportunities and integrate workplace-related learning into school activities so our students are ready for the challenges and successes of their post-school pathways.

We help students find the pathway that suits them

The workplace opportunities and the pathways to achievement are becoming even more many and varied.  Occupational choices are also changing.  Students need the opportunity to explore and understand the many and varied opportunities available to them when they leave school.  Providing high-quality Careers Education is giving the students time to appropriately plan and prepare for their futures. 

Our staff can provide students and parents with information, referrals, and support to access University, UAC, Work Experience, TAFE, and qualifications such as the White Card or Senior First Aid.

We provide support to create job application documents, practice for job interviews, make good subject selection choices, plan their post-school learning and career path, understand concepts such as the ATAR or access providers such as universities, TAFE, Colleges, NDIS, Employers, or Industry Bodies.  

Online Hub for MHS Careers Education

Our online careers hub  provides quality, current career information, from post-school options to workplace learning with a range of resources for student and parent use. The website has a student secure area which requires a log-on, where students can complete career quizzes, investigate specific careers in detail, record their career plans and build a resume.

For information and support on how to use the online careers hub please contact Ms Brockwell.

Work Experience Opportunities, School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATS), and Big Picture Learning Through Internships (LTI)

Morisset High School students are offered different opportunities to learn first-hand and gain experience in the different careers, workplaces, trades, and industries that will be open to them after school. 

Year 10 Work Experience 

Work experience is an excellent opportunity for Year 10 students to try out different careers, workplaces, and industries before they commence their senior learning or their Higher School Certificate.

Our MHS Careers Advisor can support Year students in choosing and organising work placements with local organisations. Ms Brockwell works in partnership with work placement providers to ensure that our students are contributing to their temporary workplace, and are gaining the greatest benefit from the learning opportunity. 

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeship (SBATS)

A School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) are offered to students in Years 11 and 12 and consist of a student taking part in paid on-the-job training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in a chosen vocational area, combined with HSC study, with their learning credited towards their HSC. 

Morisset High School has several current students taking part in SBATs and we work closely with our partner organisations and employers to ensure that our students complete the necessary on-the-job and off-the-job training. 

For more information about SBATS at Morisset High School, and to hear from students sharing their SBAT experiences click on the link below.

SBATS at Morisset High School

Morisset High School Big Picture Academy Learning Through Internships 

Igniting passions for careers, trades and vocations and providing students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed is a focus of learning design of the Morisset High School Big Picture Academy.

Big Picture Academy students from Year 9 to Year 12 have an opportunity to complement their at school learning with mentorship, internships and workplace learning. Our Careers Advisor, Ms Brockwell with work with the students and their Learning Advisor, to organise LTIs. 

Do you need some help? Do you have any questions? 

Please contact the school office to arrange an appointment with Mrs Kaity Brockwell our Careers Adviser or send your young person to visit her during the lunch break at her office in the Library.