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Faculty Statement:

We are a dynamic staffroom committed to providing relevant, skills-based learning opportunities that are integrated with innovative and creative 21st Century media and communication technologies. Our commitment to Quality Teaching ensures that we are able to equip students with the tools required to achieve success in the classroom, beyond the classroom and foster a passion to become lifelong learners.

Our Curriculum:

The English/Drama faculty provides a diverse range of conceptual programs that engage students in critical reflection and 21st Century skills. 
The Courses we offer include: 

Stage Level

Courses available

Stage 6

HSC & Preliminary

English Standard & Advanced

English Studies

English Extension 1 & 2

Stage 5


Year 10 English

Year 9 English

Stage 4

Year 8 English

Year 7 English


Extra Curricular: 

Our dynamic faculty is also part of many extracurricular programs. 

For example, we are involved in Debating and Public speaking, Writing competitions and many excursions including HSC study days, Cultural and Literary excursions. In addition, we regularly take our students to live productions of plays, the Writer's Festival and author talks. 

Our English Teachers

Ms Emma Holdom - Head Teacher

Mrs Isabel Mitchell - English/Drama Teacher

Ms Libby Baldwin - English/Drama Teacher

Kayla Jacobs - English Teacher

Samantha Miller - English Teacher and Debating Coordinator

Charli Sharman - English Teacher

Emily McGrath - English Teacher