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Morisset High School Junior Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (JAECG)

The Morisset High School Junior Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (JAECG) is a student committee of Morisset High School that was established by the Itji-Marru Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group  (AECG) and functions as an independent subcommittee of the AECG. \

Membership of the JAECG is open to Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal students, and it is encouraged that Aboriginal Students hold executive positions. JAECG members report to the Itji-Marru AECG on school activities and are offered mentorship and guidance from the members of the Itji-Marru AECG. 

Student Voice 

The JAECG committee is a platform that gives students a voice and agency within their school community. Student voice is when students actively participate in the decision-making at school on things that shape their educational experiences.

Supporting Aboriginal students’ voices, and having their ideas and opinions considered, establishes a student’s sense of belonging, and positive relationships with teachers and peers and acknowledges their diverse and unique cultural identity.

The JAECG collaborating with the school community is a consultative process that allows for a stronger representation of Aboriginal Cultures throughout the school environment.

2023 Morisset High School Junior AECG:


  • Aurora Townsend.


  • Chloe Gibbin.

Member Year 7:

  • Keeley Dickinson.

Members Year 8:

  • BLake Hodges
  • Cooper Perks
  • Clay Pringle, and
  • Maddison Smith.

Member Year 9:

  • Toby Wootton-Cooper.

Members Year 10:

  • Claudia Power.

Members Year 11:

  • Ella Dickinson, and 
  • Tayla Walsh.

Members Year 12:

  • Amaya McPherson
  • Jaide Gibbin, and
  • Teliah Reilly.