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Ready to Learn - Tools for Learning for each Stage

When we work together to ensure all students are prepared for learning, we provide a solid foundation to achieve their goals and create their own version of success.

We ask parents and carers to ensure that their children are prepared for learning, with the supplies they need to succeed.

See below a list of stationary, notebook and other requirements for each stage group. 

Making sure that every student is Ready To Learn, and has the right attitude to set themselves up for succeess every time they enter the classroom or learning space will be a renewed focus for MHS in Term 2. MHS students are expected to follow three simple steps when they come to a lesson. They need to –

1.    Find their seat

2.    Have their tools for learning, pencil cases and     notebooks on their desk

3.    Listen and follow the instruction of their teacher.

Teachers and Head Teachers will follow up with families whose children are not Ready To Learn or need additional support to boost their attitude to learning. We want to make sure that no student misses out on having the tools they need to succeed. Please get in touch with the school for more information about applying for support to kit your kids out for school if necessary. We’re here to help.

For more information or to ask about our School Support Scheme call the school on (02) 4973 1999 or click on the link below. 

Financial Support for MHS Families 

Stage 4 Tools For Learning

Stage 5 Tools for Learning

Stage 6 Tools for Learning